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Quality furniture saves you money

Most of us purchase cheap furniture hoping it will last more than a few years.

Purchasing quality home furnishings that have a higher initial cost will almost always save you money over time.

Sydney Lounge Specialist offers something a little different, our furniture is built to last, with a 10 year workmanship guarantee. Buying from our Sydney furniture factory directly, you cut out the middleman which saves you money.

Cheap furniture has flooded the Sydney furniture marketplace, so it can be confusing as to what represents true quality.

Purchasing quality furniture is better for the environment. Rubbish dumps are filling up with inexpensive, toxic chemicals, by choosing to purchase quality furniture from Sydney Lounge Specialists you are doing your part in preserving our ecosystem.

Solid wood furniture costs more than wood veneers over particle board but the advantages are compelling. Solid wood furniture is more durable, easily customizable, and comes from responsibly harvested and environmentally friendly factories.

Browse our range of Australian-made sofa lounges, occasional chairs, ottomans, corner leather lounges, leather recliners and more. Sydney Lounge Specialist will deliver directly to you, throughout Sydney and Suburbs.

We are proud to be an Australian family business,
producing the best quality lounges in Sydney!

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The best furniture is made from the best materials

Sydney Lounge Specialist uses fabrics that are high performance fabrics, engineered to repel stains and heavy use. These are family and pet friendly and will perform much longer than conventional fabrics. Dunlop Foam, Warwick Fabrics, NSW Leather, Profile Fabrics, and Zepel Fabrics are some of the best examples.

Read more about the quality furniture materials we use, click here.

Visit our Sydney sofa warehouse, and try before you buy, we have the best and most affordable leather sofas for sale in Sydney.