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The best furniture is made from the best materials​

How to decide if furniture is good quality

The furniture should look and feel solid. Try rocking or jostling the furniture, it shouldn’t be too noisy or flimsy. On the rear and underside there should be no exposed parts, all fittings should be sanded smooth and well fitted. Only the best quality furniture does this well.

Nothing adds more comfort to a home than a good quality sofa lounge. Unfortunately, many homeowners place more importance on appearance and price than functionality when shopping for sofas. While a sofa may look good, the materials used to construct the sofa furniture can easily stain or break.

Choosing the right material for indoor furniture is an important decision when shopping for furniture.

Sofas that suit your situation

Many people don’t consider the length of time they want a sofa to last.

It’s not something you buy every couple of years. A good quality sofa should last more than 10years without any issues. Workmanship is the key here. Consider who will be sitting, sleeping or jumping on your sofa.

Material matters

Choosing the right type of material used to make an indoor furniture set determines the lifetime of the chairs, recliners, and modular lounges that comprise any living room. Depending on the amount of use and traffic in your living room, wear and tear can be caused by people running into, and knocking against, the indoor furniture.

Sydney Lounge Specialist offers a service usually only available to interior designers or very wealthy home owners at a fraction of the cost.

Design your own perfect furniture that’s fits like a glove in your choice of colour and fabric.

We offer custom-made sofa lounges, occasional chairs, ottomans, modular lounge suites, leather recliners and more and deliver directly to you in 2-4 weeks, throughout Sydney and Suburbs.

Made to order lounge and sofas
We are proud to be an Australian family business,
producing the best quality lounges in Sydney!

When looking to buy furniture, it pays to know about the materials used

High quality materials, low prices

Sydney Lounge Specialists use Tasmanian Pine in many of their indoor seating pieces. Pine is a lightweight wood, that resists shrinking and swelling. Pine wood’s attractive grain and knots give each piece an authentic look. In home decor, pine furniture compliments well with others, allowing the customer to mix and match pieces.

Usually the level of quality you choose depends on how much you want to spend, and whether you expect to keep it for the rest of your life. Sydney Lounge Specialist bucks this trend; we have a huge range of furniture made from high quality materials at hugely reduced prices. You can even design your own furniture and choose your own high quality materials for a price that is lower than buying ‘off-the-rack’ from other Sydney furniture retailers.

To create a home you love, you need to find furniture that you love

High quality materials, low prices

Dunlop Foam

Through the use of the most advanced technology and materials, Dunlop Foams has been setting the standards since the very beginning. Their experience, technology, design and sheer quality have made them Australia’s leading foam manufacturer.

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Warwick Fabrics

Warwick is one of the world’s leading fabric and textile wholesalers providing premium quality materials to industry specialists since 1966. Today, Warwick’s extensive collections range from classic prints to fashion-forward and contemporary weaves.

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NSW Leather

Founded in 1952, a third generation proudly owned Australian Company specialising in the import and export of top quality leathers and cowhide products. Our tannery partners adhere to Australian Manufacturing Standards, conform to the ISO 14001 certification for environmental excellence and are committed to environmental business practises.

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Profile Fabrics

Profile Fabrics’ designs are quality tested in Australia by trusted organisations to meet Australian and international standards guaranteeing longevity and safety. Profile Fabrics has a vast variety of stocked fabrics and a diverse collection of plain textures, complimented by a number of unique lines.

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Zepel Fabrics

With one of the largest collections available in Australia, our A to Z range covers a gamut of colours, patterns and textures in high quality velvets, jacquard fabrics, printed jacquards, sheers and upholstery fabrics for both residential and commercial applications.

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