Ten Year Warranty

Australian warranties are among the best in the world!

We wouldn’t offer a 10 Year warranty if we didn’t stand behind the products we sell at Strictly Comfort. Every custom made furniture item on our floor is cover by a manufacturer’s guarantee, and 90% of them are 10 Years.  This is our commitment to you, our customers, that by choosing Australian made products, you will have peace of mind well into the future.

Our warranty applies to our products in the following way, you are protected against:

Faulty workmanship during manufacture
Goods damaged during transport from our store to your home
Poor quality internal components such as hinges and/or lift mechanisms
Compression of foam products (beyond the specification guidelines provided by Dunlop Australia)
Shrinkage or fading of materials when cared for as detailed by Strictly Comfort
Poor stitching of fabrics or its connection to the timber frame
Faulty runs noticed in material/fabrics at the time of delivery of our products
Cracks in the frame or timber support legs

For further details of warranty terms, conditions and exclusions, please discuss with your Strictly Comfort sales staff on (02) 9553 5312 or via email to